Welcome to the Greenwood Homeowners Association
Greenwood Community is located in Queen Anne's County, Grasonville, MD

Community Notes



Board Members

President: Dan Burnside

Vice President: Sean Barkey

Secretary: Lindsay O'Conner

Treasurer: Anthony Stampone

A.R.C.: Vince McGowan

A.R.C.: Deneal McGowans

At Large: Paul Eckhardt

At Large: Amanda Robier





Delinquent Account Notices

Homeowners who are not current on their HOA dues and have not made an attempt to contact the board as to why they have chosen not to pay will, not only have to bring their account into good standing, but will also have to incur intrest quarterly. Being up to date on your dues entitles you to your trash pickup, boat lot and playground/pavillion use.

The board would like to encourage you to pay the entire year up front to avoid any late fees for the coming year. The total amount for the entire year is $551.24 including trash, or pay $137.81 quarterly.

Dirt Bikes / ATV's / Go Karts / Golf Carts

As a reminder, Dirt Bikes / ATV's / Go Karts / Golf Carts are not allowed to be driven in any of the common areas of the community. A message is posted in the community playground. Additionally, the county does not allow these items to be driven on the roads either. The Sheriff's Department will hand out a fine of no less than $1,000 for riding on the county roads.

If you would like to use these vehicles, please contact the county Department of Parks and Recreation at 410-758-0835 and ask for a list of approved locations of where your item may be driven here in Queen Anne's County. Any person using such a vehicle in any of the park or boat lot areas will be responsible for the damages they have caused and will be billed on their next HOA invoice!