Greenwood Homeowner’s Association



 Executive Meeting: 6/29/2021



        I.      Call to Order

Ø  Secretary, Lindsay O’Connor, called the meeting to order at 7:03pm. 

Ø  Members present: President, Dan Burnside; Vice President Sean Barkey; Treasurer, Anthony Stampone; At Large, Paul Eckhardt and Amanda Robier

Ø  Members absent: Deneal McGowans


      II.      New Business


a.        Board Member Resignation

Ø  Vince McGowan notified the board member in writing of his resignation from the Board.  Resignation was accepted.  Amanda Robier has agreed to fill the open position on the Architectural Review Committee until the next General Meeting, which includes elections for 2022 Board. 


b.        Interim At Large Member

Ø  Jason Marazzo has notified the board his willingness to fill any open positions, if needed, until the next board elections in October. Anthony Stampone agreed to accept Jason on the board as an At Large interim member, Dan Burnside seconded it.  Motion passed.  HOA Website will be updated to reflect new changes.


c.        Temporary Pools / Inflatable Pools

Ø  Upon reviewing the community covenants, the Board has agreed that temporary pools (4 months or less) that are placed in backyards are permitted without board review.  


    III.      Next general meeting – October 2021

    IV.      Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm