Greenwood Homeowner’s Association

 General Meeting: 5/14/19

       I.      Call to Order

Ø  President, Dan Burnside, called the meeting to order at 6:36pm. 

Ø  Members present: President, Dan Burnside; Treasurer, Anthony Stampone; Secretary, Lindsay O’Connor; Vice President, Andy Claxton; Arch Review: Vince McGowan & Deneal McGowans; At Large Paul Eckhardt, Amanda Robier

     II.      Minutes from the HOA Executive Meeting on 2/10/19 were reviewed and approved.

   III.      Treasurer’s Report – Anthony Stampone


a.      No major changes in checking, savings or money market accounts. All homes are up to date on the dues. All bills are paid and up to date.

b.      Taxes have been filed.


   IV.      Old Business

a.      Entrance Lights

Ø  A big thank you to Anthony Stampone for replacing and fixing all the entrance lights.


b.      Boat Lot Entrance

Ø  Quotes need to get obtained for purchasing stone for leveling and repairing the entrance.  2 quotes will get obtained before next executive meeting. 


     V.      New Business


a.      Porta-John for Park

Ø  Monthly charge is $85 / month.  Vincent made a motion to accept the price and placement of  the Porta-John at the park.  Paul seconded it.  Motion passed.  Anthony will call company to start the service Memorial Day through Labor Day.


b.      Power Washing and Sealing the Pavilion

Ø  Last treatment to the pavilion was done in 2014.  Stamp of Approval agreed to complete the work for the same price as it was in 2014.  Lindsay made a motion to approve the treatment to the pavilion by Stamp of Approval.  Dan seconded it.  Motion passed.


c.      Sharps Trees

Ø  Mosquito spraying for the community will begin in May.  The community will get sprayed 2x/month from May to September.


d.      Swing Replacement and Park Mulch

Ø  The 2 toddler swings in the playground need replaced.  Paul will contact the company for replacement. Mulch is also and will be spread in the playground area this month by our landscape company.  


e.      HOA Dues

Ø  Anthony discussed the need for a possible increase in HOA dues. The last 5% increase was 3 years ago. When all homes are up to date, our debit/credit amount is almost even with minimal extra monies in the account.  It was discussed to table the discussion to the next meeting to assess the end of the year expenses with the checking account.


f.       Covenant Review

Ø  A neighbor in attendance brought attention to the board on some community covenants that he feels some neighbors are not following on a consistent basis.  Please see addendum to the covenants in question.  Complaints of excessive dog barking, landscaping issues and the parking of an unauthorized vehicle.  Members in attendance reviewed the covenants. A letter will be sent to the homeowner in question, along with a copy of the covenants that are currently filed with the County.  Dan will compose and send a certified letter to the homeowner.


   VI.      Next Executive & General Meeting – October 2019

 VII.      Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm



Addendum to General Meeting: 5/14/19

Covenants in question and reviewed during the meeting:

Article II General Use Restrictions

3. Animals. The maintenance, keeping, boarding, or raising of animals, livestock or poultry of any kind, regardless of number, is prohibited on any lot or within any dwelling, except that this provision shall not prohibit the keeping of dogs, cats, or customary household animals, provided they are not kept, bred, or maintained for commercial purposes and provided further, that such animals are not a source of annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood or other lot owners and do not roam at large.

4. Vehicles. Junk vehicle (s) , unlicensed, or inoperable motor vehicle(s), and commercial vehicle(s), boat(s), trailer(s), camper(s), house trailer(s), bus(es), tractor(s) or other similar machinery or equipment of any kind or character shall not be kept upon a lot unless stored or parked within garages or other permitted structures. No trailers, commercial vehicles such as tractor trailer(s), or motor vehicles of any kind shall regularly be parked upon any of the public streets or lots.

Article IV Landscape Requirements

2. (b) Maintenance. All planting set forth on any approved landscape plan must be adequately maintained. It shall also be the obligation of each lot owner to maintain the grass portion of any yard in a clean and neat condition, including but not limited to, the requirement for cutting on a regular and periodic basis. Grass in the yard portion of any lot shall not exceed 6 inches in height.