Greenwood Homeowner’s Association


                                                                                     General Meeting: 10/15/18

       I.      Call to Order

Ø  President Dan Burnside called the meeting to order at 7:29pm. 

Ø  Members present: Treasurer, Anthony Stampone; Secretary, Lindsay O’Connor; Vice President, Andy Claxton; At Large Paul Eckhardt & Amanda Robier

Ø   Members Absent: Deneal McGowans

     II.      Minutes from the HOA Executive Meeting on 10/15/18 were reviewed and approved.

   III.      Treasurer’s Report – Anthony Stampone


a.      No major changes in checking, savings or money market accounts. 3 homes are currently 2 or 3 quarters behind, Anthony will follow up with these homeowners.  All bills are paid and up to date.

b.      2017 taxes were completed and filed. 


   IV.      Old Business

a.      Playground Equipment

Ø  One of the pieces of playground equipment has been pulled out of the ground.  Paul Eckhardt has contacted the company who installed the equipment and they will be out within the next week for repair.   Paul will continue to follow up.


b.      Portable Commode

Ø  Will be picked up by 11/1/18


     V.      New Business


a.      Entrance Lights

Ø  Some of the entrance lights need replaced and/or need uncovered due to the wet mulch covering some of the lights. Anthony Stampone will follow up with the lights and replace any bulbs that are out.


b.      2019 Ballots

Ø  Hank Green recently resigned from the Board.  A neighborhood email and Facebook notification were sent out to the community welcoming any new members to join the board. Vince McGowan volunteered to be on the ballot and was placed on the ballot under Arch Review.

Ø  2019 ballots were completed and passed out during the meeting.  All ballots were completed from those in attendance.

Ø  The board members voted in for 2019 are as follows: President Dan Burnside, VP Andy Claxton, Secretary Lindsay O’Connor, Treasuere Anthony Stampone, Arch Review Vince McGowan and Deneal McGowans, At Large Members Paul Eckhardt and Amanda Robier.


c.      Tree Trimming

Ø  We obtained 2 quotes for the tree trimming around the community and boat lot.  Our current landscaper & maintenance company gave us the lowest quote and the work was completed.


d.      Awareness of pedophile on Evans Avenue

Ø  Amanda Robier discussed a current situation with a male on the MD Sex Offender list that lives close to Greenwood.  She asked permission to post the news on our Greenwood Facebook page for all neighbors to be aware and vigilant of, especially with the number of children in the neighborhood.  The Sheriff’s office is aware and is investigating the situation. 


e.      632 Caspian Drive

Ø  Neighbors presented a letter to the board concerning the maintenance and upkeep of such stated home which is currently vacant.  Dan Burnside will call the homeowner this week about this issue.  The board will also send a certified letter to the homeowner addressing our concerns.



   VI.      Next Executive Meeting – December 2018

 VII.      Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm