Greenwood Homeowner’s Association

 Executive Meeting: 2/21/17


         I.      Call to Order

Ø  President, Dan Burnside, called the meeting to order at 7:47pm. 

Ø  Members present: Secretary, Lindsay O’Connor; Vice President, Andy Claxton; Treasurer, Anthony Stampone; Arch Review, Hank Green; At Large, Paul Eckhardt

Ø  Absent: Deneal McGowans

       II.      Minutes from the HOA Executive Meeting on 10/17/16 were reviewed and approved.

     III.      Treasurer’s Report – Anthony Stampone


a.        No major changes in checking and money market accounts. Only 1 house is behind in dues and we are currently working with them to get caught up.


     IV.      Old Business

a.        Neighborhood Watch Signs

Dan Burnside will send a follow up email to Sheriff Hoffman as we have yet to receive the signs. One sign is planned to be placed at the entrance to the community and 2 additional signs around the park on HOA community property.


b.       HOA Dues

Ø  Dues will increase by 5% starting the second quarter. 


c.        Boats and RV on streets

Ø  A reminder to the community on the limitations with RVs, boats and motorized unlicensed vehicles on the streets in the community.  Please refer to covenants, Article II Paragraph IV.  Dan will also send a community email as a reminder.

       V.      New Business


a.        Boat and RV Lot

Ø  Within the next few weeks, the boat and RV lot will be cleaned out.  There are numerous items stored in the lot and not marked with our community sticker.  If anyone has items back there not marked, please email or call Dan Burnside for a community sticker, otherwise, it is going to the dump.


b.       Kids on the pavilion roof

Ø  Once again, kids were spotted on the roof of the park pavilion.  Please encourage your children to not climb on the roof as we just had the shingles replaced and we do not need to add this expense to our budget again!


c.        Yard Sale

Ø  Annual Greenwood Yard sale is set for Saturday, April 29th from 8am-12.  Ads will be placed in the local newspapers.


d.       Tow Sign for Boat Lot

Ø  A new towing company sign needs to be placed on the boat lot as the old company is no longer in business.  Paul to contact Marc Thomas / Willards as our new towing company.


     VI.      Next General Meeting – TBD in April

   VII.      Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm