Greenwood Homeowner’s Association

 General Meeting: 10/17/16

         I.      Call to Order

Ø  President, Lindsay O’Connor, called the meeting to order at 7:15pm. 

Ø  Members present: President, Lindsay O’Connor; Vice President, Andy Claxton; Treasurer, Anthony Stampone; Arch Review, Hank Green; At Large, Paul Eckhardt

Ø  Absent: Deneal McGowans, Dan Burnside

       II.      Minutes from the HOA Executive Meeting on 8/22/16 were reviewed and approved.

     III.      Treasurer’s Report – Anthony Stampone


a.        Currently, 1 house is more than1 year behind on dues and has been served.  Court date set for Nov 15th.                 The treasurer has asked for homeowners to please use the PO Box and not place their checks in the Stampone mailbox!


     IV.      Old Business

a.        Greenwood Directory

Ø  The goal is for a new 2017 directory to be distributed to the neighborhood, HOA will continue to work on this.  


b.       Portable Commode for the Park

Ø  No problems reported, the commode will remain in the community until October; pick up will be Nov 1st.


c.        Trash Cans by the Pond & Park

Ø  The small trash can by the pond was removed.  The Bates trash can and the small trash can by the playground will remain in place.

       V.      New Business


a.        Board Elections

Ø  Ballots were distributed by email and at the meeting for election of the 2017 board.  A quorum was obtained at the meeting and additional ballots were collected by email. The community website will be updated.  Board members consist of President, Dan Burnside; Vice President, Andy Claxton; Secretary, Lindsay O’Connor; Treasurer, Anthony Stampone; Arch Review, Hank Green & Deneal McGowans; At Large, Paul Eckhardt.  These changes take effect Jan 1st.


b.       Neighborhood Watch Signs

Ø  A motion was made to obtain Neighborhood Crime Watch signs. An email was sent to Sheriff Hoffman.  The county will provide these sign to us at no cost.  One sign will be placed at the entrance of the community and 2 additional signs around the park on HOA community property. These signs are of no cost to the community.


c.        HOA Dues

Ø  Discussion was held on the current budget and expenses for the HOA checking and savings accounts.  No increase has been made for over 2years.  In anticipation of future expenses, the need to maintain healthy funds in the account is decreasing and the need to continue to maintain the grounds and community areas of the community increases.  A motion was made on the need to increase dues by 5%, which will cost each homeowner an increase of $6.56/quarter.  This increase is due to the maintenance of the grounds, playground area and equipment and continued storm water management to prevent any fines by the county. Anthony Stampone made a motion to increase dues in the second quarter of 2017, Lindsay O’Connor seconded it. 


d.       Boats and RV on streets

Ø  A reminder to the community on the limitations with RVs and boats on the streets in the community.  This should only happen on a limited basis and no RV or boat should be regularly parked on the streets.  Please refer to covenants, Article II Paragraph IV





e.        Pavilion Roof

Ø  Please remind your children to not climb up the posts at the pavilion or throw items on the pavilion roof.  This is causing the lower shingles to break off and can cause damage to the pavilion roof.


     VI.      Next Executive Meeting – TBD in November

   VII.      Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm.