Greenwood Homeowner’s Association

 Executive Meeting 8/21/14

         I.      Call to Order

Ø  President, Dan Burnside, called the meeting to order at 8:24 pm. 

Ø  Present: Dan Burnside, Lindsay O’Connor, Paul Eckhardt, Andy Claxton, Anthony Stampone, Hank Green, John Marketto, Michael O’Connor

       II.      Minutes from the HOA Interim Meeting on 6/16/14 were reviewed and approved.

     III.      Treasurer’s Report – Anthony Stampone

a.        Balances were reviewed for both checking and money market accounts with minimal changes; bills are paid and up to date.  Approx 5-6 houses are more than 2 quarters behind, letters will be sent with next billing before the county is contacted.


     IV.      Old Business

a.        Bates Trash and Trucking

Ø  Transition is complete.  Bates is requesting that anyone with questions or concerns, to please contact them directly and not contact an HOA member.  They do appreciate the trash being out Wednesday night.  Pavilion also has a Bates trash can for community use.


b.       Park

Ø  Mulching has been complete.  No further issues at this time.


c.        Pavilion Electricity

Ø  Electricity, fans and lights are complete. Any neighbor who wishes to turn on the electricity, please contact a board member for access to the key.  Those who use the park and pavilion are responsible for trash and clean-up.  See website for board member information.


       V.      New Business


a.        Greenwood HOA Ballots

Ø  Elections will be held in October.  An email will be sent to the community by email and Facebook page for volunteers for board positions.


b.       HOA Covenants

Ø   Dan Burnside met with Thompson & Thompson to review covenants.  Greenwood HOA is registered and up to date with county and state.


c.        Board Replacement

Ø It was brought to the board the need for an At-Large/Architectural Review member to replace Mike Scopp.  John Marketto volunteered for the position.  Dan Burnside made a motion to accept John Marketto, Andy Claxton seconded it, motion passed.  John Marketto will also take the responsibility to reserve the pavilion for neighbors.  Please contact him by email: or 443-983-3562 for information on reserving the pavilion.


d.       Greenwood Sign

Ø   Thank you to Annette Bizzell for repainting the Greenwood sign!  It looks fabulous!


     VI.      Next General  Meeting – TBD in October for elections.

   VII.      Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm