Greenwood Homeowner’s Association

Executive Meeting 3/26/14




         I.      Call to Order

Ø  President, Dan Burnside, called the meeting to order at 7:54 pm. 

Ø  Present: Lindsay O’Connor, Paul Eckhardt, Andy Claxton, Anthony Stampone, Hank Green, Mike Scopp

       II.      Minutes from the HOA Interim Meeting on 2/12/14 were reviewed and approved.

     III.      Treasurer’s Report – Anthony Stampone

a.        Balances were reviewed for both checking and money market accounts with minimal changes; bills are paid and up to date.  Approx 8-9 houses that are 2+ quarters behind  will be receiveing a written notice this week for immediate payment.

b.       Taxes were completed for 2013


     IV.      Old Business

a.        Waste Management

Ø  Anthony Stampone contacted Waste Management concerning the recycling in the community.  Waste Management will continue to do the community trash pick-up, however, the recycling company will be contracted out through Charlie’s Trash on a trial basis through Waste Management.  Anthony contacted an additional trash company, Bates Recycling, which quoted us $2500.00, for a 3 year contract which is approximately a $230.00 increase.  Anthony will also be obtaining 2 additional quotes from trash companies before the contract is up in October.


b.       Storm Drains / Sink Holes

Ø  QA County was contacted by a Greenwood neighbor about the sink holes.  The County came out 3/14 to place cones over the holes.  They will be back out to assess whether they will fill the holes with dirt or repair them.  Please do not remove the cones until then.


c.        Park Fields

Ø  Green Acres has repaired the field and reseeded it.  Nationwide Insurance paid for the damage and Green Acres was reimbursed for the work. 


d.       Pavilion Electricity

Ø  Delmarva provided an estimate of $6250.00 to run the electrical lines under Narnia Drive, install a meter and electrical box at the pavilion for pavilion electricity. To finish the installation, 2 additional quotes were obtained from Rob Ferree for $2400.00 and Beasley Electric for $1915.00.  Hank Green made the motion to accept the quotes from Delmarva Power and Beasley Electric; Paul Eckhardt seconded it.  Motion passed.  Anthony Stampone to contact Delmarva Power and Beasley Electric this week to accept the estimates.


       V.      New Business


a.        Greenwood Yard Sale

Ø  Yard sale announcement went out to the community for our annual Greenwood Yard Sale for Saturday, April 26th, 8-11am.  Ads will be placed in the BayTimes and local websites promoting the event.


b.       Spring Clean Up Day

Ø  Saturday, May 3rd 10am-1pm.  Please meet at the pavilion.  Duties will include repairing the entrance lights, painting the Greenwood sign, trash pick up throughout the community, installing new nets at the field.  Claxtons will also be donating a bounce-back to the Greenwood field.  Picnic will be held after the clean-up for all participants.


c.        Greenwood Easter Egg Hunt

Ø Saturday, April 19th from 10am-1pm.  Email will be sent out to the community.


d.       Mosquito Man

ØMike Scopp will obtain a quote for treatment to the community for Summer 2014.


     VI.      Next Executive Meeting – TBD

   VII.      Meeting was adjourned at 8:58pm