Greenwood Homeowner’s Association

Executive Meeting 2/6/13


        I.      Call to Order

Ø  President, Dan Burnside, called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm. 

Ø  Present: Andy Claxton, Lindsay O’Connor, Mike Scopp, Paul Eckhardt, Hank Green, Anthony Stampone

      II.      Minutes from the HOA Executive Meeting on 10/25/12 were reviewed and approved.

   III.      Treasurer’s Report – Anthony Stampone

a.       We have approximately 4 homes with outstanding balances of over $500.00.  Two of those homes will get final letters sent to them by the board.   Court proceedings will begin on the other 2 homes that have more than $800.00 in outstanding balances.

b.       Money Market and Checking accounts remain the same; bills are paid up to date.

c.        The board received an unexplained transfer fee check from a relator.  Treasurer will contact the new homeowners about the check and the check will either be credited towards their HOA dues or credited back to the relator.


    IV.      Old Business

a.       Website

Ø  At this time, the website has been updated, thanks to Hank Green.  A few changes are pending such as adding current minutes to the site; a link to the Greenwood HOA Facebook; fixing the welcome letter; adding a realtor section for potential home buyers; and adding Queen Anne County, Grasonville, MD to our home page.  Hank Green will be the administrator for the page.  If anybody wishes to add items to the running scroll can contact Hank.


b.       Pavilion Electricity

Ø   Will continue to be addressed by the board for the upcoming year.  Anthony Stampone will be submitting a letter to Delmarva for an official up to date quote on the costs.


c.        Safety Concerns in the community                

Ø  Since the last meeting, all stated concerns by neighbors were addressed by the board: 1) Dan Burnside removed the porta-potty by the pond; 2) a neighbor was concerned about the dangers on her driveway and inquired to the Board about posting a mirror. However, due to the streets and sidewalks being owned by the county, we are by law not allowed to place a posted mirror.  It will be the homeowners responsibility to purchase and place a mirror on their own property if they so desire.

      V.      New Business


a.       Spring Clean Up

Ø  Quotes will be obtained for power washing and resealing the pavilion and gazebo in time for spring.


b.       Fence rail                              

Ø  A new rail needs to be replaced on the corner fence entering the community.  Anthony will be contacting Lowes for a replacement rail.


c.        Storm Drains                       

Ø  The storm drains around the park continue to erode, causing sink holes.  Dan Burnside will send a letter to the County with our concerns.


d.       Pavilion Reservations                        

Ø  Mike Scopp will continue to be the contact person when reserving the pavilion.


    VI.      Next General Meeting – TBD

 VII.      Meeting was adjourned at 8:18pm.