Greenwood Homeowner’s Association

Executive Meeting 4/11/12



        I.      Call to Order

Ø  President, Dan Burnside, called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm

Ø  Present: Anthony Stampone, Lindsay O’Connor, Becky Scopp, Mike Scopp, Paul Eckhardt, Hank Green

Ø  Not in attendance: Jim Whiting


      II.      Minutes from the HOA Executive Meeting held on January 11, 2012 were reviewed and approved.

   III.      Treasure’s Report – Becky Scopp, Treasurer

a.       Money Market account remains at approximately $20,000.  Will continue to accrue interest.

b.       Reviewed outstanding dues by homeowners; Becky to send a letter to those homeowners with more than $200.00 of outstanding HOA dues.

c.        Community taxes will be taken over by a new accounting firm, Faw Casson.

    IV.      Old Business

a.       Boar/RV Storage Lot

Ø  2 quotes were obtained for restoning the boat lot.  Due to cost, discussion will be tabled for next meeting.

Ø  The process to remove the “junk” in the lot will be started in preparation for restoning.

Ø  Towing signs need replaced secondary to current company no longer exists.  Paul will contact a new company and a new sign will need to be posted.

b.       Entrance Lights

Ø  Anthony will be providing Becky with an itemized list of supplies needed to start installing lights. Once list is obtained, Becky will place the order and notify board members when supplies arrive.

c.        Sink hole

Ø  Thanks to some homeowners calling the County, the sinkholes have been fixed.  If any homeowner observes additional problems, please call Queen Annes County Works Dept at 410-758-0920.

d.       Website

Ø  A temporary domain has been added for the HOA to update and make a new Greenwood website. Homeowners with some website experience are assisting with this process and the goal is to have a new website up and running within 3 months.  Any suggestions can be made to Lindsay.


e.        Recycle Bins

Ø  Anthony will call Waste Management to pick up the extra 25 bins in the storage lot.


      V.      New Business.

a.       Mosquito-Man

Ø  John Rivers, VP of Operations for Mosquito-Man, presented to the board a proposal for mosquito control for Greenwood.  The proposal included fog treatments from May to September with a quote of 5 treatments at $1126.00 or 10 treatments at $1914.00 with a separate Larvacide contract for the pond areas.   Dan Burnside made a motion for the 10 treatment proposal at $1914.00 and Hank Green 2nd it.  All members were in favor.  Motion passed.  Mosquito-Man will also do individual homes at a homeowners request at a discounted price.  Additional information will be mailed via flyer to homeowners in a few weeks.


b.       Park Signs / Crosswalk

Ø  Dan Burnside to contact the county on adding additional signs stating, “Slow” or “Children at Play” to the existing Speed Limit posts around the park.  It was also suggested to ask about painting white crosswalk paths leading to the park from the community walkways, in an effort to slow down traffic around the park.


c.        Volleyball Net

Ø  The current volleyball net at the park is torn and not usable.  Paul will look into cost of a new, heavy-duty net for replacement.


    VI.      Next General Meeting – TBD.  Homeowners will be notified of next General Meeting to be held at Wye Bible Church.

 VII.      Meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm.